A Little Bit of History . . .

In the early 1960s a group of Christians in Thatcham and the nearby town of Newbury saw the need for an evangelical church in the centre of Thatcham, which, at the time, was a large village. Through prayer, and discussion, the Lord brought these people together, and, in time, the vision grew.

With very little money and no premises, however, the fulfilment of this vision seemed impossible in human terms.  Nevertheless, the little group of believers trusted that the Lord would provide, and, in due course, the former Exclusive Brethren Hall in Green Lane came on the market.  The building, which seats around ninety people, was purchased, and the new church opened for worship on Sunday 8th May 1965.

To begin with, the church was called Green Lane Evangelical Independent Fellowship, but it was popularly know as Green Lane Mission.  Later, it came to be called Thatcham Free Church.

The first minister was Roy Herrington, who served the church faithfully for over thirty years.  He was followed by Keith Barrett who pastored the church from 1998-2006 and Ian Carter.  David Crowther took up the pastorate from 2009-2012.